Asphalt Rainbow


Available as 30ml bottle or 1ml sample



“So Like A Rose…” 

Asphalt Rainbow draws inspiration from the “break the rules” attitude of global  street art: a creative world movement that teaches anything can be a canvas and anyone an artist. Specifically exploring the concepts of distortion, reappropriation, and impermanence, Asphalt Rainbow borrows from a series of masterful street art techniques to craft an olfactive love letter to the urban landscape: a roughed up rose that’s been hyper-colored, torn apart and twisted on its head, then nailed to the wall for your sniffing pleasure. The arc of the fragrance mirrors the unpredictable lifecycle of street art: a re-envisioned rose accord that distorts and morphs over time like a fragmented floral collage stretched across urban walls and alleyways; its aerosol-tinged aroma ever-fading closer to background.

Asphalt Rainbow is crafted in collaboration with perfumer Cecile Hua of Mane USA. Additional support provided by performer Careena Melia, and an ever-growing adopted family of bombers, buskers, and writers scattered across the globe. It is dedicated to their (and our) continued pursuits in search of beauty.

Every bottle of Asphalt Rainbow is hand-filled, rolled in grey leather, and packed in dried rose petals and buds.

For a limited time only, Asphalt Rainbow is available as three different 4×4 inch scratch & sniff stickers designs by CM Founder, Douglas Bender. (Click here for more information on stickers)

Major Fragrance Notes

Featured: Rose Absolute, Rose Fragments
Accents: Spray Paint (Aerosols), Galbanum, Lily of the Valley, Lychee, Ylang, Saffron, Magnolia, Leather, Cistus
Background: Asphalt, Detritus, Patchouli, Wood, Amber

Asphalt Rainbow

I write my name. Why? Because…
Because I have something to say. Something to show…
Because there’s something to know. Something we should do.

I write my name. Why? Because I can.
What’s my name? Here, let me write it down for you…

What People Are Saying about Asphalt Rainbow

If you enjoy roaming aimlessly around your favorite city checking out the ever-changing street art, Asphalt Rainbow might be the fragrance for you. As an ode to the world of street art, the unusual blend of rose, spray paint (yes, really!), leather, and asphalt conjures up hitting the pavement. It’s a little ladylike, a little tough, and very edgy. City girls, this one is for you.
Emily Gaynor for Teen Vogue’s 10 Weird Scents That You Can Actually Wear

This indie line has done it again! I love this metallic floral. It’s like a chrome rose with this intriguing ozone component. It’s like a garden in the city after a rain shower.
Victoria Jent for EauMG’s The Spring 2015 Perfume Picks

Working with perfumer Cecile Hua, Mr. Bender has created a rose disguised as a spray paint can Molotov Cocktail. They fashion a rose perfume which explodes across a concrete face and instead of burning alcohol it is replaced with the smell of the urban landscape. It has the same primal impact as a provocative piece of street art as something as pretty as a rose can be laid over something distinctly artificial and create a different form of beauty.
Mark Behnke for Colognoisseur

Asphalt Rainbow feels contemporary and new, and that’s a scarce quality these days—when so many perfumes smell derivative or minimally like variants on a tried-and-true theme.
Ida Meister of Fragrantica

Creativity expressed through composition has a logic and Bender and perfumer Cecile Hua use perfume to create a moment spring-loaded with potential that the wearer unpacks based on his/her own inclinations.  It’s a riff on guided imagery, and while it’s loosely drawn, it’s not at all arbitrary.  Asphalt Rainbow makes an assertion about how perfume works and then proves its point without seeming dogmatic, no easy trick.

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