CaFleureBon Reviews Christopher Street

Christopher Street Day 1971

Christopher Street Day 1971

CaFleureBon – Charenton Macerations’ Christopher Street:
The Passion of Collaborative Creativity

CaFleureBon Managing Editor Mark Behnke interviews Charenton Macerations‘ founder Douglas Bender, putting him to the passion test in his fragrance review of Christopher Street. No stone on Christopher Street is left unturned in this discussion, covering everything from creative inspiration to collaboration and final fragrance execution. Taken in by the spirit and mission of Christopher Street, Behnke declares:

“Go out and add yourself to Christopher Street. You will be enhancing one of the best fragrances I have tried in the last year.”

Very special thanks to Mark for sharing some of his own memories from his time on Christopher Street.  Whether moments of solemnity or celebration, each story from Christopher Street helps reveal the sense of community that makes it so special to so many.  This sense of community was such an important inspirational part drawn upon in crafting the fragrance.  The true heart  of the scent stemmed from people’s willingness and openness to share memories about Christopher Street with me, just like Mark .

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CaFleureBon Christopher Street Review

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