The Craft of Olfactive Storytelling

Olfactive Stories

Intrigue, suspense, romance… compelling stories come in many forms. Some stories are written. Others are spoken. Olfactive narratives are unique in that they are stories meant to be smelled. Think of them as “theatre for the nose.” Lost inside the twists and turns of these immersive smellscapes, the mind’s eye submits to the will of the nose.

“Nothing that surrounds us is object,
all is subject” – André Breton

At Charenton Macerations, we craft olfactive stories designed to make you think. From the rebellious queer roots of New York City to the ancient sands of Thebes, our fragrances guide you down the paths of the unexpected to experience scented snapshots that exist beyond the bounds of  “the pretty” and “the inoffensive” (The Fragrance Underground).

Our particular style of olfactive storytelling has been dubbed urban olfaction: perfumery born from and inspired by post-Industrial life in the city. We actively formulate outside the lines of the norm, and have been known to find beauty in the unlikeliest of places. Throughout development, we always remain true to our olfactive stories. Our fragrances challenge you to abandon the suffocating rules of traditional olfaction – to let go of the played out paradigm of predictable fragrance families and other gender clichés.  Only when we are set free from these unnecessary restraints can we truly begin to explore the farthest reaches of the perfumer’s imagination… to know the true potential of olfactive beauty.