The Olfactive Story of Christopher Street


New York City’s Christopher Street is one of the oldest and longest streets in the West Village. Designed as a diagonal road against a rectangular grid, it has always been known for its subversive character. A street of merchants and misfits, along with the occasional mob front, Christopher Street has played home to a cast of unlikely heroes that has included everyone from Beatniks and Bohemians to homosexuals and drag queens. The neighborhood is a vibrant spectrum of diverse personalities that shatter traditional notions of gender norms.

“Out of the Bottle, Into the Street…”

Developing a long-standing reputation for celebrating individual freedom, Christopher Street is most notably known as the location of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Over the years, its promises of hope have made it a chosen destination for those individuals moving to New York City in search of openness and acceptance. “The Shangri-La of the West Village.” All around the world, its name has become synonymous with the word “liberation.” Stemming from its rich history, its interesting architecture, and its quintessential connections to New York City activism, Christopher Street was seen as the perfect inspiration for the first Charenton Macerations fragrance.


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