Asphalt Rainbow & Street Art Techniques: Stencils

sprayed rose stencil

Part Two in the Asphalt Rainbow series on Street Art Technique & Olfaction takes a closer look at stencil art and the process of translating stencil design into fragrance. Often credited as the earliest known form of public art (the infamous handprints as stencils on cave walls), stencils today continue to have an important creative impact on our world thanks in part to daring outdoor installations by artists like Banksy and Blek le Rat. These compelling (and politically …continue…

Asphalt Rainbow – The Brief

Asphalt Rainbow

Like Christopher Street, the olfactive story of Asphalt Rainbow begins with a look at the fragrance brief: the how’s and why’s that went into crafting the final fragrance. The first rough sketches for the project date back to the fall of 2012. At the time, I was on the precipice of launching the first scent and was consumed by capturing daily life on Christopher Street, shooting photos and video of the West Village day …continue…

Christopher Street Tobacco


One simply cannot discuss the history of the West Village without emphasizing the importance of tobacco. Christopher Street has thick roots buried deep in the old tobacco fields that lay forgotten beneath its current urban visage: a tobacco-laced olfactive narrative that stretches back 400 years to the origins of Greenwich Village and the arrival of the Dutch in New Amsterdam. Farmers, tobacconists, smoke enthusiasts… this is the olfactive story of Christopher Street and …continue…

The Art of Memorable Fragrance Gifting


Holiday Season 2014 is in full swing. When you work in the world of fragrance, two things stand out during this time of year. It begins with the ads. Online, on tv, in print… we are inundated with the latest from big launches, best sellers, and scent classics. Christmas is like the Super Bowl of fragrance sales, with total Nov/Dec purchases for many companies exceeding those made throughout the rest of the year combined. …continue…

Asphalt Rainbow: Why Fragrance & Street Art

Blek le Rat "Sleeping Man"

“Art must serve a cause; not a military cause, or political, but a social cause.” – Blek le Rat Since the very beginning of the Asphalt Rainbow project, I have been quite adamant that the purpose of this particular experiment is not to simply add a fragrance component to a street art piece. That’s not to say that incorporating an olfactive element into existing street art wouldn’t produce interesting results, because it could. However, …continue…

Asphalt Rainbow: Street Art Inspiration (Gallery)

Art for Whom? (Bushwick)

The worlds of scent and graffiti collide in Asphalt Rainbow, the latest from Charenton Macerations. Inside this gallery, you’ll find a series of amazing street art & technique that helped inspired the final Asphalt Rainbow fragrance. Let’s go outside.

The Mythological Rose

David Working Out (Williamsburg)

There is no denying that as human beings, we sometimes try to communicate with one another using roses. It is a flower ritualized and revered like no other in our history. But what exactly are we trying to say when we choose to say it with rose, and how has its floral message changed with the passage of time? How and why has the rose come to mean what it does to us …continue…

Asphalt Rainbow & Street Art Techniques: Subtraction


“Your incompleteness completes me” Asphalt Rainbow is a fragrance born from a fascination with masterful techniques deployed in street art production. There is so much beauty in how a skilled bomber possesses this expert ability to take the simplest everyday things and turn them on their heads – doing so through careful manipulation of an object’s preexisting form and structure. These artists alter our expectations of surrounding space – and yes, a similar phenomenon can be achieved in perfumery. Join me …continue…

Asphalt Rainbow & the Story of Rose: Alexander

Rosa damascena vars semperflorens

The #Roseshards Story begins with tales from the ancient world of Alexander the Great: rose aficionado and early graffiti artist. For more information on the Asphalt Rainbow project, please check out the Olfactive Story of Asphalt Rainbow. Early Rose History No flower in the history of perfumery has been more revered than the irresistible rose. Native to Asia, Europe, North America, and North Africa, its intoxicating scent has been seducing and healing since the …continue…

Rose, Street Art, and the CM2 Project

For the Love of Sade

The CM2 Project: Inspired by Street Art Disrupt expectations. From its ability to distort perceptions or transform the ambiance of any environment, to its all-too temporary embrace with our skin – not to mention our many varied public displays of olfactive ‘expressionism’ – the world of scent shares some very interesting parallels with the world of pens, pastes, and paints. Street art can make you think just by interrupting a …continue…