CM Fragrance Sampler


Three piece sampler of Charenton Macerations' Christopher Street, Asphalt Rainbow, and Eye, Hatshepsut.


Scents of Defiance: An Introductory Sample Sniff

Sample the three unique olfactive narratives from Charenton Macerations Defiance Series. Each hand-packaged perfume discovery set includes a 1.5mL sample of our West Village inspired first fragrance, Christopher Street, along with a 1.0mL sample of our latest street art inspired scent, Asphalt Rainbow, as well as a 1.0mL sample of our Egyptian-inspired perfume, Eye, Hatshepsut, offering an introductory window into world of The Fragrance Underground.

Christopher Street

Home to merchants and misfits, Beatniks and Bohemians, dissidents and protesters, the West Village’s infamous Christopher Street has established a reputation for celebrating rugged and rebellious individualism. The fragrance combines classical floral chypre elements with more subversive tones of metals, smoky tobacco, watered down alcohol, wet woods and clove. Crafted in collaboration with Ralf Schwieger. (more about Christopher Street)

Asphalt Rainbow

Asphalt Rainbow draws inspiration from the “break the rules” attitude of global  street art: a creative world movement that teaches anything can be a canvas and anyone an artist. The arc of this twisted rose fragrance mirrors the unpredictable lifecycle of street art: a re-envisioned rose accord that distorts and morphs over time like a fragmented floral collage stretched across urban walls and alleyways; its aerosol-tinged aroma ever-fading closer to background. Crafted in collaboration with Cecile Hua. (more about Asphalt Rainbow)

Eye, Hatshepsut

Eye, Hatshepsut is an olfactive homage to one of history’s most notable gender rebels: Pharaoh Hatshepsut of Egypt. The structure of the fragrance takes inspiration from the many depictions of Hatshepsut as a female figure in male dress. It juxtaposes softer, sweeping floral arcs (lotus, iris) with starker, contrasting resinous edges (kohl, kyphi), blending strength and beauty together against the crystalline backdrop of the Saharan sands. Crafted in collaboration with perfumer Cecile Hua. (more about Eye, Hatshepsut)

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