Breaking the (Gender) Rules

Real Men Wear Flowers - Gender

Forget About “For Him” and “For Her”… It’s “For You”!”

At Charenton Macerations, we endeavor to craft fragrances that stay true to the ingredients we use and the olfactive stories we want to tell. This pursuit is unencumbered by marketing briefs, target demographics and arbitrary strictures of what a fragrance should smell like to appeal to a particular audience. The walls of orphaned fragrances in the world’s major fragrance houses are testament to how this approach to perfumery stifles creativity.

One of the particularly antiquated sets of rules that limit fragrance comes from its gendering over the last century. This is not simply a matter of marketing fougères only to men and white florals to women, though that is part of it. These rules also favor a limited vocabulary of fragrance structures and a conservative approach to working with those structures. They tie the perfumer’s hands, limiting the olfactive juxtapositions and fragrance experiences that can be created. A narrative approach is willing to subvert those norms and allow for new things to become possible.