The Fragrance Underground

Disobey the Rules of Olfaction

The Fragrance Underground

Hidden inside every fragrance house, there is a wall. Some call it “The Wall of Orphaned Fragrances.” Others, “The Wall of Lost Dreams.” Whether deemed too olfactively challenging for mainstream audiences, too conceptually controversial, or relying on too rare or expensive of ingredients to produce, this wall is home to countless abandoned fragrances, most of which contain will never see the light of day.

It is this very wall that first inspired the creation of Charenton Macerations. We have set out to create a home for fragrances, be they misfit or misunderstood, that dare disobey the rules of the mainstream perfume world: a home we call the Fragrance Underground.

Our Mission

At Charenton Macerations, we create fragrances that make a statement. We are committed to olfactive storytelling unencumbered by the antiquated structural constraints and tired gender stereotypes of scent. Our fragrances are not aspirational accessories. They are crafted from the raw emotional experiences of those who encounter them. They flower from the rituals and revolutions of our collective past. They speak using the rich vocabularies of all genders. They are transcendent, irreverent and provocative. Yet they are always incomplete. The final ingredient is always you.

About the Founder


Douglas Bender founded Charenton Macerations in 2012. His fascination with the craft of scent began when he took part in a scientific investigation of the unknown contents of ancient Minoan and Mycenaean artifacts. The deconstruction and reconstruction of those fragrant resins opened a door to the world of olfactive storytelling. He has continued his perfumery training, from raw material sourcing to formulation, under the tutelage of many masters in the fragrance field, most notably at Quest International.

Douglas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Philosophy from Vassar College and a Master’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his partner.

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