Bois de Jasmin Reviews Christopher Street

Image from Suzanna Mars, Bois de Jasmin.

Image from Suzanna Mars, Bois de Jasmin.

I’ve known Victoria Frolova of Bois de Jasmin for a few years now, first meeting through some work we did together at The Fragrance Foundation. An early supporter of her work, our paths have crossed repeatedly over the years. We also share sets of friends and colleagues (like Ralf). In fact, before many people knew the name, Charenton Macerations, Victoria and I were discussing my plans for the future, including some early ideas for what would become the Christopher Street project. I am eternally grateful for her honest feedback throughout growing my company, and am humbled by this beautiful review by her Bois de Jasmin contributing editor, Suzanna Mars. Diving into the ingredient stories of Christopher Street, Mars writes:

“I can smell all of it. How many times does this happen in this new world of vague, watery fragrances? Next to never? Christopher Street drugged my nose from the first sniff. Up came the moss, the myrrh, the patchouli, through a haze of hot spices and raw tobacco. As the copy claims, Christopher Street is positively unfettered by trend and is thus not impaired by its restrictions.”

Thanks again so much to you both.  Find Suzanna’s full Christopher Street Fragrance Review on Bois de Jasmin.


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