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Indieperfumes – Romance and Freedom: Jul et Mad & Charenton Macerations

Lucy Raubertas of Indieperfumes takes a closer look at Christopher Street and gender differences in the world of perfume as she discusses how modern perfume brands like Charenton Macerations are gearing up to help bridge the scented divide. Here’s a short excerpt from her thoughts on the Christopher Street fragrance:

“As worn by a woman, I find the [Christopher Street] fragrance mingles well with the scent of the hair warming it as applied at the neck. As worn by a man, the brightness emanating at an intimate distance acts as a lively wake up call that invites you to breathe it in more deeply…”

On her skin, Christopher Street is “a lightly intoxicating cocktail made of sparkling precious fragrance materials.”  I’m so humbled by these flattering remarks coming from such a respected voice in the independent fragrance community (One of my favorite reads here at CM). Looking forward to continuing this discussion on gender divisions in the world of perfume.

Check out the full Indieperfumes review here.

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