We Are Perfume

For Love of Perfume

Life is not only dripping in fragrance, it is itself a wonderful metaphor for the craft of perfumery. Each breathe we take in yet another poetic reminder of where we were, where we are, and where we hope to be.

Fragrance is inescapable, with us on every journey, be they big or small, personal or in a group. Every additional sniff not only a renewal of life, but also a realization of all the wonders that surround it.

When exposed to the invisible fingers of scent, we find ourselves trapped in all that has kissed the air. It is not always easy to understand… not always a smooth encounter. Like an overdose of the world’s strongest truth serum, it can enlighten us in absolute clarity while drowning us in abject confusion.


Before you realize it, before you recognize its silent power, before imbibing in all of its perfume glory, it is lost… retreating forever to the ether. Yet another lover returned to the earth.

Beautiful. Poisonous. Libidinous. Intoxicating. Ethereal.

It is one of few remaining universals of humanity, a fleeting connection to a time of child-like awe. Try as hard as you may to deny it, to cast off its spell… you are lost in its silent grasp. It is you and you are it.

We are perfume.

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